The Logo

vvc full logo.png

We hope you notice…

Veteran Ventures Capital has adopted a logo that embodies freedom, one that typifies the indomitable determination of those who have given so much in defense of the Constitution and the American way of life.

The color: Red represents the sacrifice, valor, and bravery displayed by our American servicemen and servicewomen each and every day they put on the uniform. Gold symbolizes achievement and honor, as it pertains to both serving the nation and as the continued service in transitioning to the private sector.

The eagle: a universal symbol of power and authority, the eagle has been tied to the military since the 1700s.

The 3 stars:  these stars embody not only the military qualities behind VVC, but also our 3 core values of Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence.  

The dog tags: A keen eye sees the subtle set of dog tags worn by the eagle, further symbolizing the willingness of the servicemember's desire to lay down his or her life in unwavering dedication to their country.