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Our Investment Strategy & Current Portfolio

Veteran Ventures Capital specializes in making private investments into veteran-affiliated companies that show great promise in regards to revenue growth and business acceleration. Specifically, Veteran Ventures Capital focuses on making investments into new businesses that having promising technology, an innovative business concept, or are existing businesses that are seeking rapid growth within their field.


Business Model Development

Through our extensive network and subject matter expertise we are able to develop your business model into a scalable market solution.


Deployment of Smart Capital

We have investors that have not only the resources but the experience to propel your business to the next level. You not only get funding, you get a strategic partner committed to your success.


Dot Connecting, Right Place, Right Time

VVC partners with industry experts, governmental entities, and powerful military organizations to bring decades of wisdom at your fingertips

Our White Paper “Do Veterans Make Better Entrepreneurs?” describes our investment philosophy more in-depth. To obtain a copy fill out the following form to subscribe to our mailing list.

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Our Investor Partnership



Our team will ensure you excel coming out of the gate when you partner with us


Return Focused

Seek superior returns for extraordinary people


Laser Focused

We believe in doing well by doing right in our exclusive focus on veterans


Our Current Portfolio


VVC Services Overview

At Veteran Ventures Capital, we're more than just funding.  We offer a full range of consulting services to ensure your business's success.  As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we have ties to into government contracting that will aid you in expanding your opportunities to work with various federal agencies.


Want to partner with us in Government Contracting? Be sure to explore our Government Solutions Branch


Leadership & Organizational Development Optimization

We are able to come on site for 1-3 days and train your supervisory teams and take their leadership to the next level.  Through a series of workshops complete with reference materials and real-world scenarios based upon military leadership training, we've got you covered for mission success


Strategic Planning & Financial Management Optimization

Our network of professionals runs the full gamut of financial services; from budgeting, valuation, and forecasting to daily financial management operations.


Administrative & Management Consulting Optimization

VVC has a wealth of In-Kind Services at your command. Need to bring your business to the next level but not sure where to start?  Leverage our expertise and network to break through and achieve your full potential.


Join Us


We Need You.



VVC HAS BROKEN escrow and IS ACTIVELY investing in veteran owned/affiliated businesses in 2019, and we NEED you to be a part of it!

  • Makes good business sense:  Studies show the power of the military training translates into a strong work ethic and powerful achievement in the private sector

  • Makes good financial sense:  Diversification into an elite portfolio of high-performing companies is a prudent move in today's economic environment

  • Makes good common sense:  Support our nation's military as they transition to another level of service; their willingness to sacrifice does not end when they leave the battlefield for the boardroom

Schedule an appointment TODAY to find out how you can do well while doing good by joining the VVC movement!



If you are interested in becoming an investor, click here.

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Introducing Our Government Solutions Branch

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